Five Star

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This iconic shirt featuring five San Francisco Police officers and a K9 was one of Hippo’s original bestsellers and also became a popular poster in 1974. Five Stars!

Five stars, are you kidding me? Where on earth could this have possibly come from?

Those are five San Francisco Police Officers wearing Hippo Marijuana tee-shirts, all different ones, all different causes. Bottom line, the cops were for passing the marijuana initiative in San Francisco. And they even brought a K-9 with them. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a shirt to fit the K-9.

And in that era in San Francisco, where everybody thought it was so groovy, it wasn’t quite as groovy. You see, I had people that worked at Hippo with long hair, who had other jobs. When they went to those other jobs, they had to wear short haired wigs to cover up their long hair, which goes to show you that it wasn’t as accepting of the hippie culture.

Bottom line, this is our best-selling shirt. This iconic image was turned into a successful poster in 1974.


  • Hand-Crafted Silk Screen Designs
  • Vintage Images from Original Hip • O • Potamus Classics
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable