Freedom is the Issue

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In ’72 there was a group of people who came in for the marijuana initiative, and they were the most serious of any of the people that ever came into the factory in that era. They were bound and determined to get the issue on the ballot and passed. After all, freedom is the issue, right?

So they continually came in, ordered shirts, paid for them, went out and sold them, then came back in, on and on. Most people would come in once, or twice, but these guys were very serious and they would come in with an entourage.

One day, I told them that I wasn’t the kind of guy who votes, so they nearly pulled their business from me. When it came time to vote, they called me in to their board room, drove me to the ballot box, I voted. They watched me walk in. And I am glad that I did! They were wonderful people. And I had a crush on one of the girls that worked there, but…

It was so much of a success for the initiative, that they used it again in ‘74. On the t-shirt, we combined ‘72 and ‘74. It is very iconic, and very much part of the history with this marijuana initiative group in San Francisco. And at this point, you can look back and say it was one of the best marijuana initiatives in the country.


  • Hand-Crafted Silk Screen Designs
  • Vintage Images from Original Hip • O • Potamus Classics
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable